About Us

EIM is an expert organization that works to support intelligent industrial development.
Moreover, at EIM we believe in the power and benefits associated with companies and communities that pursue challenging industrial development projects that have long-term positive commercial and societal benefits.

The selection and planning of complex capital projects requires market expertise, technical knowledge, community engagement and commercial acumen to develop a project that is economically viable and sustainable. EIM, with its core expert team and strategic partners, aims to provide its clients with this expertise together with its commitment and passion.

Additionally, EIM has a number of innovative commercial approaches that demonstrate our commitment to our clients and their objectives. These approaches include joint investment into capital projects and delayed remuneration during the development phase.

At EIM, we care about the projects, communities and clients with whom we associate ourselves. We aim to leave a positive track record wherever we go and strongly believe in the

power of transparency, fairness and responsibility.