Business Ethics Statement

EIM views the high-quality of its management, employees and cooperation partners as its core competitive advantage and greatest strength. EIM’s management team takes direct responsibility for the company’s results and takes constant action to develop, review, implement and enhance plans designed to achieve company objectives.

At EIM, we do not believe that the ends justify the means. The way we achieve our results is equally as important as the results themselves. This is an issue that EIM will never compromise on during the course of its business.

In all business matters, we at EIM will select the long-term approach. The success of our customers is as important to us as our own success.

EIM aims to be a leading company providing specialized services to companies executing complex and challenging activities. As part of that aim, EIM sets the following guidelines in place in relation to customers, employees and communities.

EIM’s ability to succeed depends directly on our ability to consistently deliver world-class results in a competitive, evolving business environment. We commit to being innovative, responsive and transparent while delivering services at competitive market prices.

EIM greatest asset and core strength is our employees and cooperation partners. At EIM we aim to consistently recruit and retain the best resources and to maximize their development and growth. We target the engagement of an open-minded, intellectually diverse, communicative and honest workforce.

Safety in the work place is a key driver and success factor for EIM. Beyond maintaining a safe work environment and standards of awareness, we aim to instill a culture of safety with our customers and other service providers with which we cooperate. At EIM we believe that our ability to deliver projects in a safe and responsible manner directly reflects our overall competency as a provider of industrial development services.

The nature of the work that we provide at EIM requires understanding, engagement and intense communication with communities. As a starting point, EIM aims to obey all applicable laws, regulations and rules that are applicable to our projects. To the extent possible, EIM will always strive to go above and beyond the requirements of the law in issues related to the environment, safety, respect of communities and national cultures.

At EIM, we aim to set new standards of excellence and responsibility in all of our activities.