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Land and Easement Acquisition

Land and Easement Acquisition (LEA) and Environmental & Social Impact Identification and Management (ESIIM) are key interrelated elements in large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects.

LEA is the process by which the investor secures access rights to land to support the development of the project’s infrastructure. The entire process must be conducted as per national regulations and, if required, in compliance with the standards of the International Financial Institutions. It is critically important that LEA activities are planned and executed in accordance with measures to mitigate the Environmental & Social (E & S) risks and impacts.

The below list identifies the competencies and deliverables associated with LEA and takes into account the associated E & S requirements.


  • Scoping
  • Cost estimation
  • Risks assessment

Preparatory Works
Multidisciplinary coordination between E&S, LEA, Legal and other relevant parties to:

  • Obtain base route geo, number of plots affected and ownership information
  • Coordinate with LEA & E&S and engage key stakeholder for document facilitation and common activities planning
  • Design tailored process for LEA operations in compliance with national legislation and IFI policies
  • Develop the LEA governance, roles and responsibility, monitor & control procedures and resource plan
  • Develop the compensation management system, able to integrate geographical, legal and payment functionality for the LEA execution support, including grievances related to LEA
  • Select and engage land agents
  • Define detailed budget and risk management
  • Develop the execution plan


  • Mobilization of Land Agents for land acquisition
  • Consensual acquisition
  • Statutory acquisition

Relationship Management

Complex international projects bring together vast numbers of stakeholders. Projects failing to identify and successfully cooperate with stakeholders suffer from delays, cost overruns and reputational damage.

EIM, using a combination of subject matter expertise, professionalism and objectivity, is able to step into projects and all phases of development and address stakeholders in a constructive, authoritative manner. Such an approach leads to projects being developed on schedule and removes significant barriers to success encountered be a large number of projects. Importantly, it allows project teams to focus on project issues while relying on EIM to effectively manage key relationships.

Education & Training Services

The EIM team believes in the overall benefits associated with good practices in project development. As such, it is always a priority for the EIM team to develop the client teams with whom we work and to develop their skill sets in both formal and informal ways.

Formally, EIM offers tailor-made, globally recognized certification and training programs to our clients. These training services cover all aspects of EIM’s service offering and can be organized specifically to meet the needs of the client.

Additionally, the EIM team always leaves a mark on its clients with its passion and expertise, working to create self-sufficient, expert client teams able to effectively manage activities on a long-term basis.

Regulatory Advisory

International projects must ensure compliance with extensive regulatory frameworks to be successful. EIM is able to effectively coordinate the entire regulatory management process for projects from project inception through project execution and operations phases.

Design & Engineering Management

EIM, together with its globally recognized partners, functions as a full-service design and engineering services solutions provider. EIM offers the following engineering services to its clients:

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Validation Works
  • Site Studies
  • Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Engineering

Environmental & Social Impact Management

Environmental & Social Impact Identification, Mitigation and Management (ESIIM) and Land & Easement Acquisition (LEA) are key interrelated elements in large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects.

ESIIM works involve coordination and engagement with a wide range of parties as well as the design, preparation and delivery of key activities and planning documentation. These activities will facilitate the identification of Environmental & Social (E&S) risks and impacts and the design of tailored mitigation measures, monitoring indicators and processes consistent with the policies and standards of International Financial Institutions (IFI).

The list of ESIIM reports and processes that the EIM team can deliver in a timely and quality manner is detailed below.

Planning Activities

  • Stakeholder engagement framework  and Plan (SEF-SEP)
  • Development of grievance mechanism

Preparatory Execution Activities

  • Scoping Study (Environmental and Social)
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)
  • Environmental and social management plan (ESMP)

Execution Planning

  • Resettlement Framework and Plan (RAF-RAP)
  • Livelihood Restoration Framework and Plan (LRF-LRP)

Auditing & Management

  • Audits to assess the consistency of the project measures with relevant national legislation and IFI social policies
  • Drafting of recommendations to enhance compliance
  • Implementation management

Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics Services

Complex capital projects require unique procurement and logistics solutions. EIM, together with its US based partner Greyforge Group, is able to provide consolidated procurement and logistics solutions for challenging global projects.

EIM, together with the Greyforge Group, has existing agreements in place with leading equipment and material suppliers allowing for cost effective, direct access to specialized products required during project development. In addition to providing cost savings, such arrangements minimize specialized material and equipment delays during project execution – a common source of project delays and associated cost overruns.

Concerning logistics and supply chain, EIM is able to offer full development and management of consolidated logistics solutions including warehousing, port development and optimized supply chain management services.

Project Management

At EIM, we understand that effective management of complex industrial projects goes far beyond the simple mantra of ‘on time and within budget’ so often repeated in industrial development.

Large capital projects are complex undertakings with each stakeholder bringing unique interests to the project. Successful projects account for the objectives of all stakeholders in a transparent and timely manner.

When professional project development specialists work with project sponsors, regulatory bodies, contractors & suppliers and local communities in such an open and transparent manner, the result is that projects are developed in a more cost effective and timely manner.

Project Finance

The core of every project is its business case. EIM has the skills and expertise to turn ideas into viable business plans accounting for all aspects of a project.

A key element of the business plan is the project financing. Depending on the needs of the client(s), a number of different financing methods can be applied. A common form of financing for major capital projects is Project Financing which is a lending mechanism relying on anticipated cash flows of the future project. Effectively managing the Project Finance process is complex and lengthy – requiring specific expertise that the EIM team can offer.

Additionally, EIM is able to rely on its extensive network to work with clients to identify, pursue and work with relevant lender groups to manage the financing process.

Technical Management

EIM’s technical backbone and passion for industrial development is one of our key differentiators. At EIM, we have the experience and focus to engage with our clients at the industrial development level.

EIM’s technical strengths are enhanced by our partnership with Renco. This partnership allows for extensive technical expertise in all aspects of project planning, execution and asset management. Most importantly, Renco is a group that shares EIM’s vision of intelligent and responsible development.