Environmental & Social Impact Management

Environmental & Social Impact Identification, Mitigation and Management (ESIIM) and Land & Easement Acquisition (LEA) are key interrelated elements in large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects.

ESIIM works involve coordination and engagement with a wide range of parties as well as the design, preparation and delivery of key activities and planning documentation. These activities will facilitate the identification of Environmental & Social (E&S) risks and impacts and the design of tailored mitigation measures, monitoring indicators and processes consistent with the policies and standards of International Financial Institutions (IFI).

The list of ESIIM reports and processes that the EIM team can deliver in a timely and quality manner is detailed below.

Planning Activities

  • Stakeholder engagement framework  and Plan (SEF-SEP)
  • Development of grievance mechanism

Preparatory Execution Activities

  • Scoping Study (Environmental and Social)
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)
  • Environmental and social management plan (ESMP)

Execution Planning

  • Resettlement Framework and Plan (RAF-RAP)
  • Livelihood Restoration Framework and Plan (LRF-LRP)

Auditing & Management

  • Audits to assess the consistency of the project measures with relevant national legislation and IFI social policies
  • Drafting of recommendations to enhance compliance
  • Implementation management