Land and Easement Acquisition

Land and Easement Acquisition (LEA) and Environmental & Social Impact Identification and Management (ESIIM) are key interrelated elements in large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects.

LEA is the process by which the investor secures access rights to land to support the development of the project’s infrastructure. The entire process must be conducted as per national regulations and, if required, in compliance with the standards of the International Financial Institutions. It is critically important that LEA activities are planned and executed in accordance with measures to mitigate the Environmental & Social (E & S) risks and impacts.

The below list identifies the competencies and deliverables associated with LEA and takes into account the associated E & S requirements.


  • Scoping
  • Cost estimation
  • Risks assessment

Preparatory Works
Multidisciplinary coordination between E&S, LEA, Legal and other relevant parties to:

  • Obtain base route geo, number of plots affected and ownership information
  • Coordinate with LEA & E&S and engage key stakeholder for document facilitation and common activities planning
  • Design tailored process for LEA operations in compliance with national legislation and IFI policies
  • Develop the LEA governance, roles and responsibility, monitor & control procedures and resource plan
  • Develop the compensation management system, able to integrate geographical, legal and payment functionality for the LEA execution support, including grievances related to LEA
  • Select and engage land agents
  • Define detailed budget and risk management
  • Develop the execution plan


  • Mobilization of Land Agents for land acquisition
  • Consensual acquisition
  • Statutory acquisition